SensiStop! is not a cure,


..maybe this remedy could help your immune system back to normal.

larsOriginally our immune system is intended to combat mouth-bacteria without any problems.

It is said that gum disease is due to bad mouth hygiene.  Most sufferers know that it is not that simple! Despite frequent brushing, the use of toothpicks, mouth rinse, small brushes, dental floss and seeing the Dentist/Hygienist several times a year, the problem worsens anyway.


People that are not prone to gum disease may have a very relaxed attitude towards mouth hygiene, without showing any symptoms.

How is that possible?

Our approach to gum disease is that the immune system is somewhat off-the-track and thus unable to fight mouth-bacteria properly, leading to: red/swollen/inflamed gums, deeper tooth pockets, bad breath, pain upon chewing, pus-flow, loosened teeth, etc.

Of course, the above-mentioned measures are indeed necessary, but they are symptomatic treatment – in fact, what you are doing is that you are taking over tasks of your own immune system.

SensiStop! is aimed at gently re-educate a small part of the immune system – or you may call it a reset, or helping it back to “factory settings”

SensiStop! is a homeopathic supplement – 7 drops  3 times per day for app. 4 months – directions for use on the bottle label.

Only restriction: don´t eat, drink, smoke etc. 10 minutes before and after taking the drops – that´s all.

It is estimated that about 8 out of 10 adult Americans have some degree of gum disease.


downloadOn the Danish marked since 1981.

Many thousand people have used the remedy since then – without any side effects.



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According to the Dentist the vicious circle stops, but to keep the remaining tooth pockets clean, you´ll still need to see your Dentist/Hygienist on a regular basis

                                             In Homeopathy there are no diseases – only sick people

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