SensiStop! the safe, natural, and effective way to be free from gum disease


peopleOn average you can expect to see results with one bottle, but often you will need at least 4 months of treatment.

One bottle equals one month of treatment

Remember there is no risk.  We offer a full money back guarantee.


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Always speak to your healthcare provider before stopping any prescribed medication
All of the ingredients are natural extracts from plants that are guaranteed to be free of imperfections or contaminants.

Ingredients Amount SensiStop! is taken orally as drops three times a day.
See label for detailed Directions.
Cuprum Metallicum 30X
Galphimia GlaucaUS Library of Medicine 30X
Luffa OperculataWeb Md info 30X
AA, Q.S., Benzoic Acid, Alc. Max. 20 %
The carrier is primarily purified water, AA means equal parts of each remedy, QS is quantum satis. Alc means alcohol and max 20 %, Benzoic Acid is a food preservative used worldwide in a lot of food and drink

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